Changing the way you apply for a Job

Today’s world is full of cut throat competition, it is not easy to impress recruiters with a traditional approach. A Digital / Video resume enables you to break all such barriers and showcase your abilities beyond the capabilities of a traditional paper resume. You can direct and customize your video message to a particular employer and tailor your video resume for a specific job opening.

Key Advantages:

  • Allows a potential employee to demonstrate his public speaking skills.

  • Demonstrate Inter-personal Skills.

  • Demonstrate Creative or technical skills to a potential employer in a way that a text-only resume cannot

  • Upload Profile Video, Work Video and Verified Scanned Documents.

"89% of employers revealed that they would watch a video resume if it were submitted to them."

"The primary reason why employers would value video resumes is the ability to assess a candidate's professional presentation and demeanour (52%)."

The digital resume allows your prospective employers to see and hear you.

What is Digital Profile?

In today's world everything has been digitized so why not your profile or resumes? A Digital Profile or a Digital Resume can showcase your Skills, Qualification, Communication, Presentation, Personality, Professionalism and Experience in a new and more visually communicative way than the traditional paper resumes. It is significant to maintain a proper digital profile to get the attention of the recruiters. Digital resume gives information about your profile, work history and all verified scanned documents, which are uploaded and can be viewed under one roof through URL Link. You just need to express yourself in the video and send the link across employers.

Why Digital Resume?

The process is very easy when compared to normal traditional paper resume because of its new creative style; video resume places a greater impact on the job seekers, employers, institution, and recruitment agency.

Let us see how


There are many candidates searching for job and most of them fail miserably as they cannot express themselves in a paper resumes. The employers receive thousands of resumes daily and if you want to get selected then you need to stand apart from the crowd by creating your Digital Profile . Video Resume enhances job applications by providing employers with more insight into what an individual has to offer. Update your Video resume with respect to the role you are applying for. You should express genuine interest in the company you are applying for with the help of Digital Profile.

Advantages of Digital Profile to Employer’s :

  • Acquire a digital platform.

  • View various job applications and their digital profile.

  • List the job opportunities of you company/organization.

  • Job hunting and recruitment are made easy.

  • Handle job applicant’s database smoothly.

  • Interact with the applicant’s directly.

  • Save Time, Cost and filter the right candidates quickly

How to use Digital Profile:
  • Register your Company with iReadytojob. (Fill company details, upload company logo and video)

  • Search your Desired Candidate’s.

  • View the Digital Profile of Candidate’s.

  • View Work Resume of Technical Candidate’s.

  • View Original Scanned Verified Documents.

  • Invite Selected Candidates for Interview.


As Institution is responsible for letting the students get selected through campus drives, so here they can create Digital Profile of their students and can share their Digital Profile URL Links directly with companies to communicate effectively.

Advantages of Digital Profile for Institution:

  • Acquire a digital platform.

  • Help in Job Hunting and Placement of students.

  • Can view Listed Employers and Jobs.

  • Direct invitation of employers for Campus recruitment.

  • Direct connection with the employer.

  • Can promote your College Events, Clients and Sponsors.

How to use Digital Profile:

  • Register your Institution/College in iReadyToJob. (Fill Institution details, upload institution logo and video)

  • Create and add your student’s Digital Profile.

  • View listed employers and jobs.

  • Draft Cover Letter.

  • Share Digital Profile Link directly to the Employers.

  • Invite Employers directly for campus interview.

Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies can easily access and manage their candidate’s database under one URL Link, as understanding a candidate becomes so easy through Digital Profile. They can share their Link directly to their prospective clients and view their Digital Profile before sending them for the interviews.

Advantages of Digital Profile for Recruitment Agency:

  • Acquire a digital platform.

  • Creates and uploads Digital Profile for its applicants.

  • Post jobs – Job Requirements received from Clients.

  • Helps the applicants in Job hunting and Placement.

  • Applicant database can be managed smoothly.

  • Connect with Clients and can share Digital Profile Links directly with them.